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Your story holds the answers.

Hello, I'm 

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Offering: Individual therapy
Clients: Adults & teens (ages 16-106)

Topics: Anxiety, depression, life transitions, divorce, parenting stress, caregiving, loneliness, grief, trauma, self-esteem, stress, cancer survivorship, narcissistic abuse, personal growth...

My self-care: yoga, walking, laughing with friends & alone time.


I have been helping people manage physical pain and emotional stress for more than two decades as an RMT, a yoga teacher, a daughter, little sister, and loyal friend, partner, step-mom, and the very proud mother of a cancer survivor. I was inspired to complete a master's degree in Psychotherapy and Spirituality at 49 years young after witnessing how self-defeating habits and unhealed trauma manifest pain and illness.


We can only heal what we accept and understand. If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, tired of the negative soundtrack in your head or just need to talk, I can help. Psychotherapy is hard work and can be uncomfortable at times, but it can also connect you to your resilience, joy, and empowerment.

I am accepting new clients in-person in Ottawa & online or by phone anywhere in Ontario.

Sorry prepares for joy, you know how to handle the trauma, learn how to handle the joy, Susan Alexander, psychotherapist

Your story holds the answers...

Did you know that depression is the third leading cause of illness worldwide?

(Mood Disorders Society of Canada, 2019)

How therapy can help...

Psychotherapy is talk therapy with a licensed therapist you trust. It is a collaborative relationship where you can safely explore thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement or criticism. Therapy can help you to manage anxiety, change self-destructive habits, improve your relationships, and live with more awareness, self-compassion, and courage.

Most of us are never taught how to communicate our needs, manage overwhelming emotions, enforce healthy boundaries, or to love and accept ourselves. We often function on auto-pilot, acting out scripts from childhood, reinforced by society, without realizing that we can make different choices based on our own values and insights.

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Taking care of yourself doesn't mean me first,
it means me too.

~ L.R. Knost
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All are welcome.

  I work from a client-centered, strengths based, trauma-informed, intersectional feminist framework. I am an eclectic therapist who creatively integrates CBT, ACT, EFT, MI, mindfulness, and psychodynamic theories. I look forward to collaborating with you and helping you set your goals in motion.


(In-person, virtual or by telephone)

I live and work on the traditional and unceded territory of the Anishinabe Algonquin people. The peoples of the Anishinabe Algonquin Nation have lived on this territory for millennia where their culture and presence have blessed and nurtured the land. I recognize that colonialism continues to give me certain unearned advantages in society and I am committed to dismantling oppressive systems and attitudes, and promoting equitable outcomes for all folx. 

I welcome individual clients (ages 16+) dealing with anxiety, depression, or life transitions such as divorce, parenting stress, loneliness, chronic illness, caregiver burden, grief,​ loss, low self-esteem, and 2SLGBTQIA+ related issues. 

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Initial Consultation

(15 mins - complimentary)

Therapy works best when there is a strong connection between the client and therapist. Trust takes time to develop and a consultation gives us each the opportunity  to ask some questions and see if we are a good fit.

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Regular Therapy Session

(50 mins - $150 + HST)

A client-centered approach, means that our work will be collaborative. I will help you set goals and you set the pace. Psychotherapy can be challenging, but you are worthy and you are not alone.

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Extended Therapy Session

(80 mins - $200 + HST)

Extra time can be arranged.

Remember that creating time for self-care is important after

therapy sessions.

Let's Talk
Personal Desk

Let's connect.


  • in-person 

  • online

  • by phone 

Ottawa, CANADA.

(Centretown &  
Westboro clinics)

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